Boing Boing — Susan Kare's Limited Edition Macintosh Icon Prints

by Sean Bonner 

These prints are a one/two punch square in my art/design and Macintosh obsessions at the same time—so insanely cool I can't stand it. Susan Kare, the designer who created these original Macintosh icons, has released an edition of art prints featuring the famous icons. There are a few sizes of each ranging from 8.5" x 11" (edition of 200) to 30" x 40" (edition of 100) – all are signed and numbered. If this was pre-dotcom bubble era 1.0, I'd totally buy every single one at the largest size and get them framed for my excessively large office. Alas, we're many years past that, and I need to be more conservative with my funds. That 30"x40" spray can one is killing it though (hint hint). [Thanks to Tim Shey for the heads up]

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